Letter from Philippe Dauman

Viacom President & Chief Executive Officer


Looking at the variety and scope of our initiatives laid out in this report, I am astounded by Viacom’s impact on our communities. Social responsibility is a main cornerstone of our DNA and the hallmark of our employees, who give shape and voice to our social efforts, weaving them into all aspects of our company.

For us, it’s about doing good and doing well, melding social action with our businesses to ensure the growth and prosperity of both. Viacommunity, our company-wide umbrella for social action, leverages Viacom’s global stage and audience connections to build stronger communities while deepening relationships. Through volunteerism, philanthropic investments, initiatives and strategic partnerships, we work to maximize our impact by focusing on sustainability, ensuring that the people we take care of today can take care of themselves tomorrow.

Measurement is just as essential to our social efforts as it is to every other aspect of our business, helping to inform our strategy and strengthen initiatives. Our Viacommunity Annual Report 2012 serves as a yardstick by which to measure our current successes and base our goals for the future. By refining and improving results, ultimately we can help more people. And that is Viacommunity at its core.

The Viacommunity Annual Report 2012 is also a celebration of our efforts and the people and communities we serve around the world — our audiences.