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The Big HelpNickelodeon connects kids to their passions. That’s the approach behind The Big Help, Nickelodeon’s long-running campaign that puts kids into action to do something about the biggest problems we all face.

The Big Help LogoEvery day, online and on the air, The Big Help shows kids that they can make a huge difference. Working with more than 50 national youth and service partners, it presents kids with activities that can have a big impact on the world and on their own lives.

And kids take it from there:

“My brother and I helped organize a local food drive at our school to help hungry kids in our community.”

“I am helping kids learn how to read and telling them to visit their local library.”

“I am helping by powering down on electricity. Ever since I heard about The Big Help, I have decided to use my computer and TV less. Instead, I have decided to read.”

“I started a website on animal abuse and on the website you can donate to a non-kill animal shelter.”

As part of the final season of iCarly, Nickelodeon staged the 2012 Military Base Tour to focus on kids in military families and their need for support from friends and the local community. First Lady Michelle Obama pitched in by appearing in iCarly’s “iMeet the First Lady,” an episode that was a major component of the program.

View a video highlighting Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President campaign.

President ObamaThe Big Help also urged kids to take a big interest in the 2012 election. Kids Pick the President 2012 gave children a voice in the political process. It included special segments on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee where kids ranked the issues that are most important to them. TeenNick’s Make It Count campaign created a conversation around civic engagement, stressing the power of voting. And, truly tying into the power of kids, the Nag the Vote! campaign got kids to tell everyone they know to vote.

Nickelodeon understands that recognizing great work inspires kids to do more. That’s why it created the TeenNick HALO Awards. In each of the past four years, the awards special has told unique stories about ordinary teens who did extraordinary things in areas that are deeply relevant to young people. Each winner of a HALO (which stands for “helping and leading others”) is surprised with a visit from the show’s host and leading spirit, Nick Cannon, and receives a grant for their organization, scholarship funds and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to meet with Justin Bieber, Emma Stone or another mega-celebrity who shares their concern.

View a video clip spotlighting the 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards.

The Big Help continues to be a constant presence in kids’ lives. Kids can go to The Big Help website for tips on ways they can keep the planet green, donate their time or money to help others, combat bullying and protect themselves online.

Kids are helping in every way and learning that their small steps have a significant impact.

Working with more than 50 partners, The Big Help gives kids multiple ways to impact the world and improve their lives.

The Big Help

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