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MBY Logo“The Maximizing Brand You program is a family — your mentor, your career circle and the MBY team are all genuinely invested in your success, cheering you on and coaching you. Their guidance and motivation have been indispensable.”
–Tatiana Kuzmowycz
, Manager, Brand Strategy, Creative Services, Viacom

Viacom wants to retain and nurture the best talent, period, and we make it a priority throughout the organization.

All of our employees have access to G.O.L.D. — our Global Organization and Leadership Development program — offering tools and resources to help them advance their careers at every stage. Maximizing Brand You is G.O.L.D.’s peer counseling and development program that helps assistant-to director-level
Viacom Inspirational Leader Program Logoemployees define and strengthen their own personal brand, while its Inspirational Leader Program targets our top 300 leaders (senior vice president and above) in order to develop and refine their leadership skills. G.O.L.D. also offers InTuition, the company’s tuition assistance program, and The Learning Center, a comprehensive online tool that provides courses on everything from leadership, design and graphics to in-house applications. We also support membership in organizations like Women in Cable Telecommunications’ Betsy Magness Leadership Institute and the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications.

“Having spent parts of my 20s, 30s, 40s and now (yikes!) 50s at Viacom, I have a lot to look back on and feel good about after 25 years. I raised three kids (including twins) while working full time here and never missed a beat or felt denied an opportunity. Of course, I give a lot of credit to my husband and support systems at home, but without the incredible support and flexibility from a company like Viacom that values its working parents, I would not have had such a long and gratifying career.”
–Andra Shapiro
, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and Nickelodeon Group

Extending opportunity to everyone — whatever their family and life situation — is a huge priority for the company, and development programs can be found in all of our divisions and corporate groups. Nickelodeon embraces a spirit of career advancement and recognition of hard work, giving employees opportunities to lead new business initiatives, stretch their talents and expand their potential. Our Music & Logo Group offers multiple avenues for employee advancement, including the Rising Star Program, which identifies employees with high potential and nurtures their careers. The group also runs Internal Rapid Pitch days, a program where any employee can pitch a content idea for any MTV platform, with the top three being chosen for further development. Viacom’s Entertainment Group identifies and works to develop people with high potential from assistant to director level. Employees also benefit from the insight and expertise of Scratch, the Viacom division that brings the company’s research and creativity to promotional partner companies. Scratch shares its unparalleled knowledge with the entire organization and also holds workshops to help anyone improve their skills, including “The Art of the Pitch.” Additionally, our Media & Technology Services department is currently developing a multidimensional program to clarify career paths and provide staff with more freedom to share skill sets and move around within the company.


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