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Lean To Green LogoWith the environment, small steps can eventually become a big deal. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding sustainable solutions and driving eco-friendly practices across all of our offices.


  • Recycling of paper, plastic, cans, glass, batteries, cooking grease, office supplies
    100 percent compostable cups
  • Environmentally sustainable purchasing and procurement
  • Certified e-waste disposal allows employees to bring in electronic items from home to be recycled
  • Multifunctional copiers, NightWatchman PC power management application, Energy Star appliances

New York, NY

  • Offices at 340 Hudson and 1540 Broadway built in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED guidelines — including light fixtures with motion/time sensors, eco-friendly insulation, VOC paints and recycled flooring.
  • Food services utilizes an herb garden, introduced more organic produce and obtains 60 percent of food purchases from local purveyors.
  • 1515 Broadway is undergoing one of the largest single-building LED lighting retrofits in the country, replacing antiquated fluorescent lighting.
  • Automatic faucets and flushometers have been installed in lavatories.
  • At 345 Hudson, the Summer Savings (aka Take It Off) initiative seeks to lower air-conditioning throughout the building and encourage employees to find creative ways to save energy. Money saved from conservation is donated to HeartShare, a New York nonprofit that provides urgent heating assistance to families in crisis by granting funds, supporting educational programs and providing home energy audits, repairs and replacement of energy-inefficient items.
  • 345 Hudson also has a Green Closet, which allows employees to donate new and gently used office supplies and serves as an alternative for purchasing new products. To date, over 13,500 items valued at over $15,000 have been collected, and over half of that amount — 7,000 items representing $9,000 in savings — have been redistributed.

Secaucus, NJ

  • Replaced end-of-life mechanical equipment, resulting in saving 1,185,349 kWh, which is equivalent to 174 passenger vehicles/year, or electricity use for 125 average homes/year.

Miami, FL

  • The first Viacom office to go completely green, earning the Gold Standard in the LEED certification process — paints and flooring don’t emit toxins, more natural light is used and automatic light dimmers and detectors to sense when to shut off lights have been installed. Furniture is made out of post-consumer and post-industrial products.

Santa Monica, CA

  • LED lighting upgrade for two buildings, as well as a full upgrade for fluorescent fixtures and stairwell lighting.
  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Carpet-cleaning vendor received a Green Seal for its green business practices. Cleaning vendor uses all green-certified products whenever possible.
  • Working closely with the city on an active rideshare program that encourages alternate transportation.
  • Participating in the Sustainable Works Business Greening Program provided by the City of Santa Monica.
  • All paint has low VOC emissions. All wall coverings are earth-safe and recyclable. Flooring in two buildings uses recycled/renewable content in the fibers.

At 1515 Broadway, our efforts have led to:

trees saved

gallons of oil saved

gallons of water saved

yards of landfill space saved (4.8 yards/ton)

Lean To Green

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