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Mentor in a Box LogoViacom takes special pride in our corporate mentoring program and the successes it has achieved. In 2012, we decided to share what we’ve learned about mentoring, so we worked with the MENTOR organization to create a guide to help corporations across the country develop, launch and run programs of their own. Mentor in a Box provides detailed, step-by-step instructions in a highly accessible, visually engaging format. It’s filled with stories that bring the mentor/mentee connection to life, and it includes data highlighting the positive effects of corporate mentoring programs. Mentor in a Box was unveiled at the 2012 National Mentoring Summit in Washington, D.C., and is being distributed to companies nationwide.

“You know, times have changed, but one thing that has never changed is the need for an adult in a young person’s life. Every child has a desire to do something or be something. And every step of the way in their lives, they’re looking for adults who can help them get to that point.”
Stephen Powell, Executive Director, Mentoring USA

Mentor in a Box

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