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Rap It Up HeaderRap It Up is about taking a stand to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. It’s about people protecting themselves and those they care about, being informed, getting tested every year, talking openly with partners and family, and taking action in the community.

Rap It Up LogoRap It Up has been educating the African-American community about HIV/AIDS and sexual health since 1998. The long-running BET campaign, which is supported by the Kaiser Family Foundation, includes PSAs, documentaries and entertainment programming, community events, and forums at high schools and colleges that have attracted more than 25,000 young participants across the United States and the Caribbean.

Hear Dr. Scyatta Wallace talk about the Rap It Up campaign.

“In the studies I have conducted, I consistently hear from youth that the BET Rap It Up campaign is the most trusted and relatable source of information about HIV,” said Dr. Scyatta Wallace, a psychologist, teen expert and former chair of the American Psychological Association Committee on Psychology and AIDS. “The excellence of the BET Rap It Up campaign is the reason why I sought to partner with them to develop a national HIV prevention campaign with the American Psychological Association.”

Watch a Rap It Up PSA.

Rap It Up

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