Why We Do It

Why We Do ItAt Viacom, our strong sense of social responsibility is deeply embedded in our culture and a key to our business success. We call this dedication to serving others Viacommunity, and it guides all of our civic engagement programs.


We pride ourselves on being social disruptors, leading our industry peers in tackling difficult issues and turning moments into movements. Whether addressing high school graduation rates, human trafficking, the spread of HIV/AIDS or disaster relief, Viacom’s brands approach the critical issues of the day in the same cutting-edge manner they approach creating content.

Viacommunity is grounded in a strong set of values that flows from our leadership and is shared by every employee. This spirit drives our social commitments worldwide and includes:

  • Partnerships that achieve long-term sustainability and reap returns for social causes
  • More than 50 initiatives that inspire audiences and employees to take action
  • Our unique resources that allow us to serve as a megaphone to educate, engage and empower
  • Philanthropic investments in the communities we serve


At Viacom, we have a responsibility to engage our audiences across a whole spectrum of issues — the issues that affect their lives, communities and the world at large. Our initiatives span an array of programs and causes, in the United States and around the world.

While each of Viacom’s brands has its own unique style and personality, all operate under the shared principles that guide the company’s focus on these five areas of action: Education, Health & Wellness, Environment, Citizenship and Employee Engagement.


Viacom employs a collaborative approach, working with organizations to effectively convert awareness into action. We look to partner with groups that understand the importance of evaluating the impact of our investments and can work with us to improve and strengthen initiatives. By partnering with local and national organizations, schools and community groups, foundations and corporations, Viacom ensures that our pro-social programming is tied closely to the resources and people producing real and lasting change on the ground.

For us, it’s essential to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives to inform our strategy, deepen our audience engagement and further our commitment to social change. We measure success in terms of reach, impact and efficiency.

And we deliver results:

  • We committed more than $200 million in media value to social efforts in 2012.
  • We produced thousands of hours of programming and social outreach that empowered our viewers to take action.
  • Our employees volunteered more than 65,000 hours of their time to social causes.

These results led to Viacom being named to the first-ever Civic 50 list of the most community-minded corporations in the United States. Inaugurated in 2012, the list was created by Bloomberg in partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship and Points of Light.

This legacy of commitment to social responsibility and close collaboration with our audiences and partners will allow us to continue to break new ground, influence more communities and build a sustainable strategy for the future.