1 Our Story

“On behalf of the Ad Council and the causes addressed by our public service campaigns, we are grateful for Viacom’s dedicated support. Through both their television and online properties, Viacom has provided significant exposure and inspired engagement for messages ranging from preventing unplanned pregnancy and promoting shelter pet adoption to encouraging young adults to further their education.”
—Peggy Conlon, CEO, Ad Council

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  • Letter from Philippe Dauman

    Looking at the variety and scope of our initiatives laid out in this report, I am astounded by Viacom’s impact on our communities

  • Snapshot of Our Impact

    Viacommunity Annual Report 2012 outlines the ways Viacom works to inspire our audiences and employees to improve society

  • Who We Are

    Viacom is committed to being the world’s leading branded entertainment company in television, motion pictures and digital media

  • What We Do

    Viacom is home to the world’s premier entertainment brands, connecting with audiences in more than 160 countries and territories

  • Why We Do It

    At Viacom, our strong sense of social responsibility is deeply embedded in our culture and a key to our business success

  • Additional Information

    Learn about our senior management and find out how to contact Viacommunity

2 Education

“Our staff and students working together accomplished something great during the Get Schooled Attendance Challenge. We had set goals, and we achieved them not only during the challenge, but throughout the year. We improved attendance and we improved our overall school attitude toward a cohesive school unit.”
—Kris Byam, Smaller Learning Communities Coordinator, East High School, Des Moines, IA

3 Health & Wellness

“Students are a powerful source of change and if we work hard enough, our voice will be heard. I’m proof of that. mtvU is listening. Through programming and events coming to campuses throughout the year, the network is giving us a chance to be heard and to promote what is right.”
—Chinny Law, Kennesaw State University, on mtvU’s Against Our Will

4 Environment

“Paramount has a long history of incorporating giving back and being green on our movie sets. Rather than throw reusable items away, productions can help those in need and the environment.”
—Michelle Miller, Physical Production, Paramount

5 Citizenship

“We’re committed to rebuilding the American economy on the backbone of our nation’s heroes, which are veterans.”
—Lamar Jones Jr., Vice President, Spike, and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

6 Employee Engagement

“With the dedication and participation of employees across the company, Team Paramount made history at AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2012. Together this team exceeded the goal of 100 walkers in celebration of Paramount’s 100th anniversary and raised more than $15,000…I just wanted to say how great it is to work for a company whose philanthropic endeavors make me proud.”
—Abdullah Hall, International Home Media Legal, Paramount

7 Our Culture

“Viacom has allowed me the opportunity to grow within the organization and have my career while understanding the family responsibilities as well…Being a parent is very rewarding to me and developing my career is too. It is an amazing feeling knowing that I have both career and family.”
—Robin Bender, Project Manager, Employee Systems & Solutions, Viacom